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Warren Smith & Mike TeSelle at Sac Republic FC Championship CelebrationCyclist at Archives Plaza Lightrail StationStevie at Hughes Stadium for Albie Aware Breast Cancer FoundationChalk artist at Crepeville on L StreetTristan at Cresta ParkJoe at Fid's Smog & TuneStreet Musician on K Street MallMark and David at Kupros BristroDeborah at Lava Cap WineryAlex at Oak Creek Training StablesKyle at Pangaea Bier CafeA to Z at PangaeaManny at Round CornerVolunteer Dave at the SPCADemonstration on K Street Mall. In heels.Kayla in the Portal at the Ice BlocksKayla on R StreetMelinda at Nido Cafe by MagpieAvery the Photographer at Gibson Ranch

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