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#TeamAlex Fundraiser FlyerA black Druzy gemstone necklace - $35 Value!TWO chances to win a $25 Gift Certificate to Tequila Museo Mayahuel!A $25 Gift Certificate from Skip's Kitchen!A brand new "slightly banged during shipping" ceramic Snap-On Smoker Grill! A $900 value!!THREE  chances to win one dozen gourmet cupcakes! Each gift certificate a $30 value!A Health Coaching Session (via phone) and online e-cookbook by a Certified Integrated Health Coach!A Hoshall's Haircut Package - $82.85 value!TWO chances to win a $25 Gift Certificate to Ju Hachi!Crystal Basin's "Renegade Red" plus a Private Barrel Tasting for 6! A $92 Value!A doggy gift basket! Valued at $50! (could be more - too many goodies to count!)A basket full of Cost Plus goodies from my friend Geraldine! A $50 Value!Compliments of Trader Joe's - a big bag full of awesome STUFF! Valued at $25!"Meet the Winemaker" and private tour of the winery for 8! A $200 Value!Princess House pitcher with four matching tumblers, Sauza margarita mix w/Salt - a $50 Value!Earrings and beautiful garnet ring made by a talented local artisan! A $75 Value!A complimentary wine tasting for 10 at Elevation Ten - a $250 Value!!A chance to win a beautifully handcrafted beaded bracelet by "Aunt Barbara"! Each one - a $30 Value!

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